Girl Develop It's Newbie-Friendly Hackathon

Welcome to #neoHack14

We are in for an exciting weekend! Unlike traditional hackathons, this event offers a newbie-friendly environment with mentors for every team, tech talks from industry experts, and sessions for teams to rehearse their final “pitches” before presenting to the judges. Prizes include cash, donations to non-profits in the teams’ names, and premium packages to technology services.

Join the neoHack14 chat to communicate throughout the weekend!


Schedule Day 1

When What Where
5:30 Registration Opens 7th floor
6:00 Dinner + Mingling 7th floor
7:00 Welcome - Logistics - Sponsor intros - How to kill it at your first hackathon 7th floor
7:25 API talks - Adobe PhoneGap - Firebase API - Macy's API 7th floor
8:10 Networking Bingo 7th floor
8:25 Data/Tools - D3 - Health Data - Adobe Bracket 7th floor
9:00 60-second idea pitches 7th floor
10:00 Go home and dream of code

Schedule Day 2

When What Where
8:00am Doors open, breakfast is served 7th floor
9:00am Design sprint process 7th floor
9:20am Mentor guides team through storyboarding and paper prototyping 7th floor
30min breakout Sessions: various
10:00am D3 with Aysegul Yonet 8th floor, bender
10:00am Adobe PhoneGap with Julee Burdekin 6th floor, presentation area
10:30am Firebase API with Jenny Tong 8th floor, presentation area
10:30am Macy's API with Damian Bennett 7th floor, presentation area
11:00am Hacking continues, API helpdesk available all day
12:00pm Lunch available (working lunch) 7th floor
12:30pm Lightning Talk: How to pitch 7th floor
1:00pm Pitch rehearsals 7th floor
5:00pm Presentations 7th floor
6:45pm Judges convene and select winners 7th floor
7:00pm Winners announced 7th floor
8:30pm Go home, eat, and enjoy the evening! Self-organize drinks if you’re interested!


6th floor

7th floor

8th floor

Prizes: $1000s in prizes

Prizes include: 1st place - $1000 cash plus $500 donation to charity of your choice 2nd place - $500 cash plus $200 donation to charity of your choice 3rd place - $200 cash plus $100 donation to charity of your choice 6 months Firebase Bonfire plan ($900 value) for 1st place team and Best Realtime App team $500 cash for best use of API Adobe Creative Cloud annual subscription ($350 value, non-transferable) HackReactor JavaScript Fundamentals series ($400 value) O'Reilly books on advanced JavaScript from industry experts Hardware kits and goodies ...and more prizes for everyone to help you keep learning, thanks to our sponsors!


Teams must have 2 - 6 members, with at least 2 members who self-identify as beginners, to be eligible to win. We welcome all genders, and encourage those who don’t identify as female to invite a female colleague. Prizes will be awarded based on 1) execution in given amount of time 2) creative use of technology 3) idea. Code should be written at the hackathon, but participants are welcome to make use of open source libraries and starter projects.


How to Hack Your First Hackathon


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